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All prices are exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% applicable government tax.


7,500 THB++ / PER PERSON

Kyushu Tea Experience


We present for you a journey around the island of Kyushu through the most premium teas available. Enjoy seven unique teas from each prefecture to savor throughout your omakase experience.

Sonogi Tea (Matcha Soda)
Nagasaki, Higashi-Sonogi

Facing the picturesque Omura Bay, Sonogi tea plants are grown on the slopes of mountains with significant temperature differences between morning and evening. The refreshing aftertaste created by combining matcha and soda complements the deliciousness of our sushi.

Oolong Tea (Green Oolong Tea with Ginger)
Kagoshima, Satsumasendai

By adding freshly grated ginger to the aromatic and rich-flavored Japanese Oolong tea, which resembles fresh spring flowers, a soothing and spicy tea is produced.

Aigamo Genmaicha (Aigamo Brown Rice Tea)
Kumamoto, Yamato Town

A blend of Gyokurokucha tea with brown rice cultivated through Aigamo farming. Aigamo farming is a pesticide-free cultivation method  that involves releasing ducks into rice fields to naturally control pests. It is an environmentally friendly and delicious tea.

Kamaou Asagirishizuku (Kama Roasted Tea)
Miyazaki, Takachiho

Kamaou is the top Kama-iri tea brand. It’s recognized as one of the best in quality and receives many awards yearly. This tea is refreshing and light with minimal bitterness and astringency. Kama-iri tea is made by roasting fresh tea leaves in a kettle by hand and is very rare, accounting for less than 1% of Japan's green tea production. Miyazaki Prefecture is famous for being its place of origin.

Hoshino Mura Hon Gyokuro
(Hoshino Village Premium Gyokuro)

Fukuoka, Yame

Hoshino village is the highest quality production area of Gyokuro tea in Japan. Hoshino means “star field” therefore it looks filled with stars in the sky. Gyokuro, considered the highest grade among Japanese teas, it has often been served to honored guests in various situations. The traditionally cultivated Hon Gyokuro from Yame City in Fukuoka boasts top-class quality and production volume in Japan. Please enjoy its mellow sweetness and intense umami.

Kitsuki Black Tea
Oita, Kitsuki

This is a domestically produced black tea nurtured in the abundant nature of Oita that we serve to enhance the seasonal flavors of our omakase. It has a pleasant taste with a slight astringency and a delightful aroma reminiscent of Japanese tea. The advanced yet traditional techniques of tea farmers support the quality of Kitsuki Black Tea which was once lost to the world but Mr. Anami, the producer, has revived and reintroduced it for our enjoyment.


Japanese Tea from Nikaku

Recommended Yame Tea
THB 220

This is a highly recommended blend from Hoshino Seichaen in Yame City, Fukuoka, with a proven track record of winning the Japan Tea Award. Mr. Masaya Yamaguchi, a renowned tea master, carefully selects and blends the tea leaves to brew a special cup.

Satsuma Tea with Matcha
原製茶 抹茶入り煎茶
THB 220

This tea is a blend of finest first-flush tea and matcha. It is grown by Mr. Sakihara, a tea farmer, in the Sendai Plain, Kagoshima, an ideal tea cultivation area. It combines the richness and astringency of sencha with the delightful taste and beautiful green color of matcha. It's a wonderful choice to savor the qualities of Japanese tea.

Gyokuro Hojicha
八女茶 玉露ほうじ茶
THB 220

Yame City in Fukuoka produces one of the highest quantities of gyokuro tea in Japan. While gyokuro itself is a prized and rare tea, gyokuro hojicha is a unique experience rarely encountered in Japan. Enjoy the flavor of gyokuro along with the distinct aroma of roasted tea. It will be a special and unforgettable experience.


All prices are exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% applicable government tax.

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